Eden Arena Closing Party

Eden Arena [Buena Vista]

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Дата: October 11, 2019
Време: 10:30
Фрекфенција / Канал: Eden Arena
Локација: 12847 U.S. 285 Buena Vista
СМС What's up и Viber инфо: +00 000 0000 00
Веб страна: http://earq.com
Event: #
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KlangKuenstler, aka Michael Korb, started his Zuckerton Records at the age of just 21, showing his precocious talent and laser beam focused enthusiasm. ‘Freudentraene’, his debut track from 2012 has so far clocked up over 3.5 million plays on YouTube with its dreamy, folk house sound. Since then he’s gone on to record for labels including Stil Vor Talent (clocking up 1.5 million SoundCloud plays for the pitched down hook of ‘Barfuss Auf Wolken’), Great Stuff Recordings and Toolroom, heading into techier, clubbier waters with tracks such as the recent ‘Jam Master Jack’ – a thumping, swinging groover that samples Run DMC’s classic ‘It’s Like That’ and hit No.1 in the Beatport Tech House Chart.

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